Edmund Parker Management

The Team

The team is – at the moment – just me, Edmund Parker and a couple of mad Godfathers who advise.

I went straight to work and by the time my age group had drunk their way to a degree I had four years’ work experience under my belt in London.

I worked for an Interior Design Company for over three years,  as the odd job man to begin with, but – more by accident than design – set up and ran their property management company.

I’ve taken that concept, and expanded it to start a business that manages the lives of Private Clients. 

Manages what you might ask?  That’s just it – whatever you need or want in your life from fixing a dripping tap, to organising a wine shipment from the South of France – I can do it. Just throw those everyday practical problems at me, and you can trust me to sort them out.

Please get in touch via the ‘Ask Edmund‘ page, should you have any problems your require solving!

Edmund Parker