Edmund Parker Management


Property Management Service

This is charged on individual circumstances. Usually on an annual basis – retainer fee or pay as you go, depending on the work required. Please get in touch to find out more about our charges. Current fees will be reviewed in six months time.

“Treat me as the personal assistant to the property.”

  • Regular inspections to meet clients demands, specifically in preparation of the clients arrival.
  • Arranging annual servicing, i.e) boilers, lifts, cleaners, gardeners.
  • Promptly handling any emergency works where required, i.e) leaking ceiling, broken gutter.
  • Provide an ‘on call’ 24/7 service in case of an emergency.
  • Reviewing how the property is run and ensuring the property is run efficiently.
  • Recruitment and management of staff.
  • Facilitate short letting of the property whilst unoccupied.
  • Collection of post.
  • Reading of metres. 

Project Management

Building work is ALWAYS quoted for in advance with an overall fee for liaising with contractors added on top.

Travel Arrangements

Dependent on the route and whether the journey is via Air, Land or Sea. Please get in touch to find out more about our charges.

Tickets & Event Management

Dependent on what, where and when. Please get in touch once the coronavirus pandemic has blown over, to comply with Government guidelines.

Cellar Management

Any shipments will be quoted for in advance with a fee applied on top. Sourcing wines will depend on the circumstances and charged on a pro-rata basis. Any other requests will be charged out accordingly; please get in touch for more details.